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MORE MOBILE ! Discover IdeasVoice IOS Mobile App!

IDEASVOICE launches its IOS application to build faster relevant contacts with entrepreneurs
April 5, 2017

Mobile IOS App is ready: Stay tune with IdeasVoice’s entrepreneurs ! At IdeasVoice, we understand that entrepreneurs need to be able to constantly interact with potential partners. This is the reason why we are launching a mobile app.   New benefits for reliable contacts IdeasVoice App provides valuable insights to mitigate relationship risks with your […]

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The coworking space The Farm Soho, a new IdeasVoice partner in NYC

The IdeasVoice Partner The Farm SoHo is a coworking space based out of SoHo, NYC
February 21, 2017

Welcome to the coworking space The Farm Soho, the new IdeasVoice Partner, and its members entrepreneurs  @NYC Taking another successful step by partnering with the great coworking space The Farm Soho based in Soho, New York City, USA. They are unique in their benefits and services that they offer to their entrepreneurs.     We are helping their entrepreneurs […]

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Identity Verification, a new IdeasVoice service

Identity Verification, a new IdeasVoice service
February 15, 2017

Why Identity verification? The Importance of Identity Verification: Ensuring users are who they say they are. For most, the subject of identity verification isn’t something that comes up in daily conversation. However, as we constantly hear about yet another high-profile data breach suffered by a major company, organization or celebrity, the time has come to […]

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Watson University: welcome to our first official partner in US!

Watson University and IdeasVoice partnership
January 24, 2017

Let’s make the launch easier for students entrepreneurs at Watson University!     We are pleased to announce that our first official partner in US entrepreneurial ecosystem in January 2017 is Watson University. It is a place reckoned for its community leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators & thinkers who are developing solutions to the world toughest challenges that face […]

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IdeasVoice launches its premium!

IdeasVoice launches its Premium
December 20, 2016

To ensure that every project owner is able to find the right cofounders/partners possessing complementary skills required to launch his/her startup project, and that every potential partner can review all projects that interests him/her, we are now upgrading IdeasVoice with our premium service. What will you get with our premium services? Premium service helps you […]

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IdeasVoice is now available in San Francisco

Welcome San Francisco
June 20, 2016

IdeasVoice : welcome to San Francisco      Initially launched in France, with more than 5000 entrepreneurs, IdeasVoice is now going global! We are very happy to announce that IdeasVoice, a platform for entrepreneurs and cofounders to connect & collaborate, is now available in San Francisco. Many start-ups and talented entrepreneurs are anticipated to register […]

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