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Staff Pick IdeasVoice: PuppyBYTE, Be Yourself Til Eternity

September 11, 2017


2017 Staff Pick : Puppybyte



Learn more about PuppyBYTE founded by Corey and how they are helping artists to promote their talent.


PuppyBYTE is a platform where talented individuals can express their creativity with tools that enhance and promote their unique work. Their services range from press services and production videography efforts.

Corey came up with the idea for PuppyBYTE while visiting his family prior to his 21st birthday. His family’s new puppy decided to use Corey’s hat as a toy, thus ruining it.

“Initially I felt upset with the dog, and felt it had ruined my favorite piece of apparel. After posting a photo of my hat on Snapchat, I surprisingly got positive remarks saying that the hat actually looked stylish. I hadn’t imagined from this unfortunate situation I’d be a trendsetter with a new hat design. However it was unique and looked like an actual retail design.”

From this experience he realized that he could turn a negative into a positive with creativity and a new state of mind. He envisioned doing that for others with their unique talents as well.

PuppyBYTE is serving a niche in ways mass marketers can’t. Its objective is to standardize a predetermined bundle of services typically bought together and selling for a fixed price similar to a product.

With PuppyBYTE, artists of all sorts have appreciated recognition and expanded their personal brands while their audience has increased their faith in the work released. Furthermore, artists who Corey has exclusively met with have anticipated the release of a particular project on the platform. Others are embracing the opportunity of package deals with press, production, and videography services as a premiere for their work.

PuppyBYTE motivates artists to do more work, gain confidence in their creativity.

Among their most recent achievements, PuppyBYTE has been the first to collaborate on a project with an artist who has gone on to now being featured on XXL, Complex, Billboard, etc.

Puppybyte Startup

They are currently looking for directors and facilitators in their region.

Team members or individuals that want to get involved who are active on the web, passionate for the arts, enjoy entertainment, are great communicators, are driven. Individuals that can see themselves being a director and facilitator in their region. Individuals that see opportunity in an entertainment/creative area that have their vision aligned with PuppyBYTE’s vision.

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Here, PuppyBYTE Website

What is good to know about Corey

Corey Whipple is American writer, producer, and aspiring creative director. He is a UCLA Comparative Literature Major. Corey has been published in various media outlets in entertainment. He appreciates ways in which various forms of art bring people together, and take people away from their daily struggles.