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Bitcoins and Ecommerce: What’s In It For Us All?

Bitcoins and Ecommerce, online payment, is it an opportunity?
February 9, 2018

Bitcoins and Ecommerce : is it relevant for those of us running an Ecommerce business? Are bitcoins really going to change the way we pay online?   Image credit: Pixabay Bitcoins and Ecommerce: What’s In It For Us All? Bitcoins have been on our community’s radar since at least 2014, but recently they have well […]

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Uniting Entrepreneurs in South Africa Thanks to IdeasVoice

October 25, 2017

Uniting entrepreneurs in South Africa with IdeasVoice to increase successive entrepreneurial activities, coach entrepreneurs to success, and contribute to decreasing unemployment and solving social issues in the country.   The potentials of entrepreneurship in South Africa have not yet been recognized. It can help the South African market to grow, decrease unemployment, and solve social […]

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Staff Pick IdeasVoice : Speak Mentorship, Empower Aspiring Girls

September 12, 2017

    Learn more about Speak Mentorship, founded by Hetal to provide self-development opportunities to girls who are immigrants and first-generation Americans, and say how much do you like Speak Mentorship. There are more self-development opportunities for girls who are immigrants and first-generation Americans thanks to SPEAK Mentorship. SPEAK Mentorship programs provides girls of immigrant and first-generation […]

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Staff Pick IdeasVoice: PuppyBYTE, Be Yourself Til Eternity

2017 Staff Pick : Puppybyte
September 11, 2017

      Learn more about PuppyBYTE founded by Corey and how they are helping artists to promote their talent.   PuppyBYTE is a platform where talented individuals can express their creativity with tools that enhance and promote their unique work. Their services range from press services and production videography efforts. Corey came up with […]

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July 13, 2017

We are so excited to hold our first event NYC A CUP OF IDEASVOICE at the Farm Soho in Manhattan, New York City where Entrepreneurs and future co-founders/business partners meet up on 19th September  2017 There is no better place to network, learn, and make connections than at fun summer event filled with people who have […]

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New ! Review your contacts !

Raise relationships of quality with our new feature Review
June 16, 2017

  “I want to save time and effort to find a skilled and experienced partner matching my project need. I want to avoid wasting time to find out that finally one of my contacts does not fit my search” Xaviere Tallant, Scinetik   “I’m expecting serious answers from other members when we start discussion. I […]

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