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In addition to providing the global meeting place for entrepreneurs,, we organize CUP OF IDEASVOICE events where entrepreneurs, future partners and investors can meet for  2-3 hours. Everyone brings their experiences and opinions. It is also an rare chance to step back and define new goals for their projects, to show off and to train themselves for delivering an effective, exciting and memorable presentation to convince their future business partners, co-founders and investors to join them in their venture

The projects are from seed-stage ideas owner and early-stage startups or companies. All events are open to the public. To encourage constructive discussions, CUP OF IDEASVOICE is an intimate event with a maximum of 50 participants. CUP OF IDEASVOICE event funds cannot be used to for personal financial gain.

Become a CUP OF IDEASVOICE Organizer

We are now looking for passionate local organizers around the world to join the CUP OF IDEASVOICE Team.

All CUP OF IDEASVOICE Organizers are individuals. You cannot organize a CUP OF IDEASVOICE event without approval from the IDEASVOICE core team.

CUP OF IDEASVOICE Organizers are expected to live within (or close by) the entrepreneurs’ community in which they plan to organize.

CUP OF IDEASVOICE events must be organized by a team; ideally, one lead organizer and one or two other members of the team.

Just like any project, forming a strong organizing team is the most important part of planning a CUP OF IDEASVOICE event. Besides complementary skills and diverse backgrounds and connections, it is important that everyone on the team is enthusiastic about the mission of CUP OF IDEASVOICE.

Try to have at least one member who is closely connected to the local tech (developer and designer) community in your organizing team. This is a way to maintain good attendee balance.



  • Become a thought leader and connector for your local startup community
  • Help connect entrepreneurs, business partners, cofounders, investors and leverage our global network
  • Participate in CUP OF IDEASVOICE team around the globe

Your application will be reviewed. You will receive more details about the organization rules and requirements (the event, the team, budgeting, marketing and promotion, finance, sponsorships….). Then, we discuss them with you in order to make Cup of IDEASVOICE in your city a success!

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