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Demonstrate the high potential of your startup: 6 key indicators 

March 13, 2023

A high-potential startup? What does it stand for? Big, Big, Big…


6 key indicators to demonstrate the high potential of your startup



As a startup founder, you are probably aware of the concept of “potential” and how important it is to have a high-potential startup to convince investors and set up partnerships. However, identifying the key indicators of a high-potential startup can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 6 key indicators that demonstrate the potential of a startup and how you can position yourself for success.


#1 – A high-potential startup adresses a Big Problem

The first indicator is solving a big problem. A startup that solves a significant problem is more likely to succeed in the market. It could be a gap in the market or a social issue, but the key is that it must be significant enough and painful to warrant a solution. If your startup can solve a big problem, then it will be easier to acquire early-adopters, grow your customer base.


#2 – A high-potential startup is targeting a Big Market 

The second indicator is having a big market. A high-potential startup needs a market that is growing and has a high demand. If you can identify a big market for your startup, you’re on the right track. Investors will see it as a positive signal for scaling-up your business and generating revenues.


#3- With a big problem and big market, the startup is able to get a Big Traction

The third indicator is having big traction. This means that your startup is gaining significant growth in revenue, users, or engagement. If you can demonstrate that your startup is gaining traction in the market, investors will be reassured because they will see this as a positive sign confirming the suitability of your offer to the customer needs, proof that you’re solving the problem you are addressing


#4- To overperform and execute well, the startup has built a Great Team

The fourth indicator is having a great founding team in place. A startup performance depends on the quality of its founding team. Having a great team that can execute on the business plan, pivot when necessary, and navigate the ups and downs of startup life is essential.


#5- A high potential startup has developed a Great Solution

The fifth indicator is having a great solution. This means having a product or service that solves a big problem, is easy to use, and provides real value to customers.Acquiring and retaining customers is much easier with a great solution thanks to a high level of customer satisfaction.


#6- A Great solution coupled with a Great Business Model

Last but not least, the sixth indicator is having a great business model.

It means having a business model that is sustainable, scalable, and profitable. If you can demonstrate that your business model is attractive, investors will be eager to get involved.


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