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Startups Corner is an online entrepreneurship hub where all entrepreneurs access and post articles to inspire creativity, entrepreneur vocation and help to solve real-life problems people are facing at the early-stage of their venture.

With Startups Corner on IDEASVOICE Blog, we invite outstanding entrepreneurs and mentors from all over the world to speak up and share tips from their own experience in terms of building founding teams, finding resources, fund raising, business development, patents, legal issues…

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IDEASVOICE collaborates with volunteer ambassadors and contributors from all over the world who publish article(s) on our blog.

Are you enthusiastic to contribute to Startups Corners with expert advice, success stories to share with our entrepreneurs community?  Your article should comply to the following standards:

  • All articles need to be well written in English, easy to understand and grammatically correct.
  • Article focuses about topics we listed above and brings something new.
  • We do not accept any social media and Wikipedia links, only websites and YouTube links could be attached in the article.
  • Article should not exceed 500 words.
  • Photos should have a copywright license hallowing free usage and be attached separetely, and need to be in high resolution.

As soon as you have completed your post, our communication team will review your article and your references and may contact you to ask you question. We inform you via email when the article is published.

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