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The coworking space The Farm Soho, a new IdeasVoice partner in NYC

February 21, 2017

Welcome to the coworking space The Farm Soho, the new IdeasVoice Partner, and its members entrepreneurs  @NYC

Taking another successful step by partnering with the great coworking space The Farm Soho based in Soho, New York City, USA. They are unique in their benefits and services that they offer to their entrepreneurs.


The IdeasVoice Partner The Farm SoHo is a coworking space based out of SoHo, NYC


We are helping their entrepreneurs to expose their businesses in our international platform. Because Ideasvoice believes in networking, we see The Farm Soho not only as a coworking space but as well as a networking hub where their entrepreneurs are building connections, growing their business and impacting their community.

We are sharing the same vision of creating international entrepreneurial community where entrepreneurs help each other to grow their businesses.


The IdeasVoice Partner The Farm SoHo is a coworking space based out of SoHo, NYC

Sancar Ayalp, Head of Partnerships & Business Development introduces The Farm SoHo NYC

The Farm SoHo is a coworking space based out of SoHo, NYC. They also house Blueprint Health accelerator, one of the largest healthcare technology accelerators in the East coast. Coupled with its rustic Americana inspired design and its community, The Farm SoHo is a great place to get work done.

The Farm SoHo Team is working heavily on the community and programming aspects of the space. Since they have many startups/freelancers from diverse industries, they feel that there’s a big need for these people to connect and collaborate. The Fam SoHo mission is to provide their members with a beautifully designed comfortable space to get work done and couple it with a helpful community and events that act as a support system/inspiration.

Why do The Farm Soho partner with IdeasVoice?

“We decided to partner with IdeasVoice so that we can extend our reach and services to the European continent. We really like the technological backend that IdeasVoice has created and we think our members will appreciate it too!”, says Sancar.


Welcome The Farm Soho team and its members to IdeasVoice community! Let’s help entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in other regions in the world.

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Mostafa Shahat, Partnership Manager – Ideasvoice.

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