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MORE MOBILE ! Discover IdeasVoice IOS Mobile App!

April 5, 2017

NEW! IdeasVoice Mobile IOS App

Mobile IOS App is ready: Stay tune with IdeasVoice’s entrepreneurs !

At IdeasVoice, we understand that entrepreneurs need to be able to constantly interact with potential partners. This is the reason why we are launching a mobile app.


New benefits for reliable contacts

IdeasVoice App provides valuable insights to mitigate relationship risks with your potential co-founders/partners:

  • Understand deeply activity, attitudes and expectations of your contacts
  • Know better your contacts, how dynamic, responsive and reliable they are
  • Build trust with your peers
  • Engage with other persons faster


How ?

We designed the app to be an opening door to the entire platform. Here’s what you’ll be able to do once you installed the app:

  • Be informed immediately of new contact requests sent to you
  • Learn about the activity of your contacts, your favorites just in time: profile and project changes, new comments and votes on your project, projects of your contacts or the ones you are following,
  • Chat easily with your contacts to understand how each other’s expectations fit

Empower your project and build the founding dream team!

Download IdeasVoice IOS App here to test it and give us your feedback.


Hang tight! IdeasVoice on Android is coming!


The IdeasVoice team



NEW! IdeasVoice Mobile IOS App