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Founder Agreements guide the founding team in the long term

October 8, 2019

Clearly defining roles for the founding team is crucial for maintaining structure and productivity. Founder agreements help guide a founding team and serves as a helpful tool in times of disagreement. Starting a business is thrilling. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to turn your vision into a reality. Why founder […]

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Women Entrepreneurs and VCs by Susan Danziger, CEO of ZIGGEO

October 7, 2019

  Susan Danziger, founder and CEO of Ziggeo, explains her experience with fundraising for Ziggeo. She also speaks on the topic of women entrepreneurs and some challenges that they might face.   “VC’s like to invest in people that are like them”,  Susan Danziger   Fundraising  After meeting with several VC’s, Susan Danziger found what […]

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Tips about having a cofounder by Susan Danziger, CEO of ZIGGEO

September 30, 2019

Susan Danziger, Founder and CEO of Ziggeo, speaks with us about the importance of a Cofounder and shares tips about recruiting and having a Cofounder. “With cofounders, if you share, work together, and have complimentary skills, the company can grow that much faster”,  Susan Danziger Susan Danziger, Founder and CEO of Ziggeo, spoke with us […]

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How does 2048 Ventures select companies to invest in?

September 23, 2019

In this video, Alex Iskold, Managing Partner at 2048 Ventures, shares with us how 2048 Ventures selects companies that they want to invest in.   “We have a massive amount of deals coming our way and we have specific filters that we use”, Alex Iskold   Venture capital firms need a way to narrow their […]

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Tips about the Founding Team by Alex Iskold, 2048 Ventures

September 16, 2019

In this video, we discuss the founding team and how important it is for investors to see a dynamic founding team that is diverse and well-staffed with Alex Iskold . “You want to find people who compliment your skills so that you can grow the company faster”, Alex Iskold Alex believes that cofounders can be helpful […]

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4 ways to fund your startup : pros and cons

September 12, 2019

There are multiple ways to fund your entrepreneurial project. Some are better than others depending on your situation.   One of the biggest issues that most businesses face when starting up is finding needed funding for their projects. There is no project in the world that does not need at least some kind of investment […]

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Women Entrepreneurs and VCs by Alex Iskold, 2048 Ventures

September 9, 2019

Alex Iskold, Managing Partner at 2048 Ventures, speaks on the disparity between women entrepreneurs and their male counterparts in getting funds by VCs.   “Build the business you want to build and the capital will come”, Alex Iskold   Very few Women Entrepreneurs receive funding from VCs According to an article by Fortune, women entrepreneurs only […]

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Tips for your business plan by Alex Iskol, 2048 Ventures

August 26, 2019

We discuss business plans when reaching VCs and convincing VCs to invest in your company with Alex Iskold, Managing Partner and Co-founder of 2048 Ventures “What investors are really looking for is founder-market fit, understanding why you’re qualified to build the business, and demonstrating fluency in the market or business”, Alex Iskold In this video, […]

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Women Entrepreneurs and VCs by Jason Cahill, Carbon Ventures

August 19, 2019

Women entrepreneurs sometimes face unfair treatment as the result of investors’ biases. This is why so few women in this space are receiving funding. There are some things now that women entrepreneurs can do to help themselves in this situation. “If you are a VC fund, you better be looking hard for women” In this […]

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