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Discover the last update of – 31st October 2014

November 3, 2014

On the 31st of October 2014, a major update is placed online of Discover the improvements we implement for you to make your life as entrepreneur easier in your search of startups, business partners and cofounders nearby as well as around the world.



1. More information in the profile for better quality


  • build trust with your contacts,
  • make search more relevant,
  • save time in getting in touch with people.

Go to your profile

  • You can add a video that explains the kinds of skills and experience you offer. It lets others know who you are, and it can be a dynamic way to engage with them
  • You add the languages you know for collaboration with our members around the world
  • You find new paragraphs for your education and experience. You can copy the information from your LinkedIn profile then update it to match your purpose.
  • Experience abroad is replaced by the location you specify in each position of your experience. It can be a country or a city.

WHY required information?

The purpose is to provide enough data to the others to help them in choosing the right contacts.

When you save your update, required information * are highlighted in red if they are missing.

2. Management of transparency and confidentiality


  • encourage personal involvement,
  • multiply new contacts,
  • develop balanced relationships.

  • There are 3 different levels of access to information depending on the user type: visitors, logged in members and your contacts.
  • Each person can manage confidentiality of his/her identity in the settings. For people who are not your contacts, you can decide to not disclose your name, photo or Email. You can manage in your settings your password.

3. Better Communication


  • Encourage members’ responsiveness in discussions to save time in the search.

  • In the home page, each person can share news to his/her contacts and get notifications. IDEASVOICE informs you of the updates of your contacts and sums up your actions.
  • Stay connected with IDEASVOICE. Our website on mobile is getting easier to use.
  • Messages your contacts are also improved and new ones are in a light blue frame for identifying them quickly.
  • You can share projects you like in a more intelligible way via your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts…

4. More VIDEOS


  • VIDEOS are taking a more important place in our system to reach people and get their attention
  • VIDEO is a fantastic and fast way to learn about you and what you can offer
  • VIDEO is a memorable way to learn about your project.

  • you can add in your profile a video (from VIMEO or YOUTUBE) that presents in a more memorable way yourself and what you are looking for .
  • To support the use of VIDEO, IDEASVOICE highlights projects and profiles with VIDEO and offers the option to filter only those profiles or projects.

5. More information from IDEASVOICE


  • keep you update with our events, our jobs, our development
  • share tips and experiences to help entrepreneurs to improve their knowledge for a better execution

  • go to our blog to learn about our events like CUP OF IDEASVOICE
  • from the blog, go to GET INVOLVED to see jobs, start a chapter in a region, organize the event CUP OF IDEASVOICE in your city
  • in addition, our blog is an opened window to share enthusiasm and energy of those who choose to undertake, to discuss about new challenges for entrepreneurs and to give tips.

Be Ready

We really hope that you will find those improvements helpful.

Log in to your account, start by enriching your profile and then launch your search of contacts at the home page.

Enjoy your experience with IDEASVOICE.


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