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Staff Pick IdeasVoice: SUNTHETICS, a sustainable solution to manufacture nylon

March 30, 2018

Learn more about Sunthetics, founded by Myriam and Daniela to provide a sustainable way to manufacture environmentally-friendly nylon, and say how much do you like Sunthetics.

How to protect the environment while manufacturing the best textiles?



Sunthetics drives sustainable change in fashion industry by providing a sustainable way to manufacture environmentally-friendly nylon.

They offer an emission-free technology that can easily be implemented in chemical manufacturing plants. They are addressing the need for chemical manufacturing to be more sustainable, especially in the supply chain of the fashion industry, but innovations are difficult in complex systems. They use electrochemical reactions to easily integrate renewable energies and limit emissions of typical reactions. They are currently working on the emission-free manufacturing of a precursor for nylon 6,6, used in a variety of outdoor apparel and performance wear, a project that first started in their renewable energies engineering lab.



Already promising achievements

Sunthetics had its first round of funding from sources outside of New York University. The team made it through Stage 1 of VentureWell and received a $5,000 grant. This really propelled Sunthetics forward and showed that there was credibility in the idea.

Brand business development and sustainability departments are quite excited about the idea and have shown their support in helping this project along. Manufacturer global marketing and sustainability branding are also in favor of the project. Manufacturer technology experts, however, show a preferred interest for efficiency improvements and cost-effectiveness, which are key aspects Sunthetics is always developing in its technology.


The next step : partnering with a manufacturer

The team is excited to bring Sunthetics to the next stages: finding and deciding on a partner company, obtaining a more detailed financial analysis, getting letters of intent from interested buyers of the chemical, and setting up legal contracts and agreements.
Sunthetics is working on forming a joint venture with a current ADN manufacturer, offering them its knowledge and understanding of the technology in exchange for their infrastructure and scale-up abilities.
Hopefully in a year Sunthetics will begin the scale-up process with its partner.

SUNTHETICS is looking for a CFO

Sunthetics is  looking for a CFO, someone comfortable with finances and accounting for both a start-up and a chemical engineering plant.

Interested by this project ?


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What’s good to know about Myriam and Daniela

Myriam, Sunthetics co-founder and CEO, is a senior undergraduate chemical engineer at NYU, with a penchant for commercialization of sustainable technology. She has worked on projects such as modeling solar hydrogen generators, and building low-cost air quality sensors for the city of New York.
Daniela, Sunthetics co-founder and CTO,  is a Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering at NYU, and working in the Modestino Research Group to develop skills on fabrication and optimization of electrochemical devices for solar technologies. She has true desire to move towards circular economy and a clean chemical industry and is a part of the Global Change Award accelerator program for Solar Textiles.