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Startups Corner #7 – How to get your team on the same page with Jorge from Bridgefy

August 5, 2015

Jorge from Bridgefy gives tips to get all your team members on the same page for your startup


Jorge Rios, Co-founder of Bridgefy

Jorge Rios


Brigdefy looks no different from other regular messaging apps, but it would be very useful when your cellphone has no Internet, wifi, or bad signal connections. Without using any satellite, SMS connections, or wifi route, you can send message to your friends via Bridgefy within 230 feet / 70 meters. The emergent of Bridgefy might change the ecosystem of chatting apps, making messaging more possible and easy to people who don’t have access to Internet or who encounter circumstances that Internet services doesn’t work, such as crowded concerts or natural disasters that nothing works.

Is there any ways to make sure all of your team is on the same page when doing a big project since you have six people in your team and you need to travel a lot between Mexico City and San Francisco?

You can use several software, tips, and techniques to improve communication and increase transparency when working together in the best way. For the software side, you can use Pivotal Tracker, which breaks large projects into details and enables other team members to see what others are working on right now. As for communication tools, you can use Slack or Google Hangouts, which are ones we use right now that improve communication within the team. Also, it is also important that to have short daily meetings, when we worked on Bridgefy, we spent 15 minutes a day as a team to share what we were working on, how we were doing, and how we felt, in order to ensure everyone was on the track.

Thanks Jorge for sharing tips about how to get all your team members on the same page in your startup with the IdeasVoice community!


Startups Corner #7 – How to get all your team on the same page with Jorge, Bridgefy Cofounder from IdeasVoice on Vimeo.


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