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Startups Corner #5 – Handle disagreements between cofounders with Arielle from Maadly

July 16, 2015

How to handle disagreements between confounders with Arielle from Maadly

Arielle Shnaidman- Co-founder and CCO of Maadly

Arielle, CCO @ Maadly


The app is a gamified social media platform that allows users to broadcast text, photo, and video messages randomly. The messages on Maadly “Beats” that are broadcasted randomly on the app based on the user’s “Karma score”, no following or friending required. The fun is that you never know who’ll receive or decide to engage with them. By combining gamification with multimedia, Maadly offers a unique platform that integrates well with the current trends of broadcasting video as well as the up and down voting of content.

There must be conflicts when founding a startup, and how do you deal with disagreements between your cofounders?

Disagreements usually happen due to different experience, backgrounds and perspectives. The best thing to do is to be extremely open with communication for everyone to express their own opinions. However, never shoot an idea down before listening to others and fully understanding of the opposite voices, on contrary, give right amount of time for discussion and let people to explain why they think differently from you.

Thanks Arielle for sharing tips about how to handle disagreements between cofounders with the IdeasVoice community!


Startups Corner #5 – How to handle disagreements between cofounders with Arielle, Maadly Cofounder from IdeasVoice on Vimeo.


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