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Startups Corner #3 – Recruit the right person with Matthew from Solepower

July 1, 2015

Recruit the right person in your team with Matthew from SolePower

Matthew Stanton – Co-founder and CEO of SolePower

Matthew Stanton

As an outdoor enthusiast, Matt knows how inconvenient when electronic devices are out of battery. The team came up with an idea that could generate power by walking and charge mobile devices simply as a power bank. After getting support and funding from several accelerators, prototype was successfully produced in 2013 and moving forward to mass production as next step, mainly targeting outdoor activities lovers now. Nevertheless, the innovative concept has great potential of solving the issue of energy shortage for people who live off the grid in developing countries, bringing not only convenience but also social impact as well.


How to recruit the right person in your team?

First of all, looking someone who is excited about our product and has same vision of the company is important and more efficient to us during recruiting. As a startup, we also look for candidates who are team players, getting along well with our team since we spend a lot of time working together. Moreover, people dare to try everything will be also welcome as we don’t have plenty of resources. More importantly, we expect someone who has former experience of building something from the ground in such startups and we appreciate people can share insights from experience they have gone through and bring new ideas to the team.

Thanks Matthew for giving tips to recruit the right person in your team with the IdeasVoice community!


Startups Corner #3 – Recruit the right person for your startup with Matthew from Solepower from IdeasVoice on Vimeo.


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