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IdeasVoice launches its premium!

December 20, 2016

IdeasVoice launches its Premium

To ensure that every project owner is able to find the right cofounders/partners possessing complementary skills required to launch his/her startup project, and that every potential partner can review all projects that interests him/her, we are now upgrading IdeasVoice with our premium service.

What will you get with our premium services?

Premium service helps you grow your network with relevant contacts. By using our basic free version, you have the capability to search for projects and member profiles as well as add contacts. The premium version will take you a step further.


More insights

You will receive targeted recommendations via our notifications and newsletters, so that you can meet new people who might have a common interest to collaborate.

You will also learn much more about your audience: who your fans and your visitors are. With this information you will be able to contact people with your shared interest who do expect a call.

When you have a project listed, you will also find out who vote for your project: this is a great additional insight to engage.

More answers

Exclusively designed for premium users, we are launching a brand new advanced search with more criteria to filter projects or partners who are a good fit to you, increasing your chance to establish relevant contacts.




With the premium option you will also be able to better promote your business and profile as the basic version only showcases your profiles, projects, expectations and needs.

Ultimately, the premium version is created and catered to those of you who wish to have a bigger impact on the platform and receive more attention.

More visibility

As a premium member, you will be at the top of the list in the search results and newsletters. Thus more entrepreneurs will visit your profile and projects.

Furthermore, we provide entrepreneurs who are premium members the opportunity to hone their persuasion skills by practicing their ability to persuade others. This is done by having the project owner tells one’s story in the IdeasVoice’s blog section with the purpose of convincing others that he/she is truly working on the right solution for a relevant / meaningful problem and they are also the right leader for the project. This is one way to raise awareness and attract the right and committed people, and to convince them to contact you.

Future cofounders/partners who are premium members can share their passions and values, as well as, explain their ability to achieve ambitious missions, commit in a risky venture, learn to grow, demonstrate their entrepreneur mindset in telling their story on the IdeaVoice’s blog, and convince other founders that they are making the right choice to contact them to work with them.

Connect to your ideasvoice account and go Premium to benefit the new advantages for your search!