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IdeasVoice is now available in San Francisco

June 20, 2016

IdeasVoice : welcome to San Francisco 


Welcome San Francisco


Initially launched in France, with more than 5000 entrepreneurs, IdeasVoice is now going global!

We are very happy to announce that IdeasVoice, a platform for entrepreneurs and cofounders to connect & collaborate, is now available in San Francisco. Many start-ups and talented entrepreneurs are anticipated to register in the weeks to come!


Why San Francisco?

The reason why we expand to the US seems to be quite obvious: US is the number one leading country in terms to entrepreneurship. But why San Francisco?

Our main goal is to make the platform international, and San Francisco really appears to be a truly cosmopolitan city, with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. San Francisco is also the perfect place that may provide plenty opportunities for us to connect the right people and manifest great ideas given the amount of start-ups and passionate entrepreneurs within the Bay Area.


So What Now?

If you are interested to invest your skills and talents in an innovative project in SF or you, yourself, have an exciting project in which its success depends on a growth driven diverse team, then register on! Our goal is to connect people with projects to get involved in, so that great project can thrive thanks to the perfect team.

By expanding in SF, we want to build bridges as start-ups from San Francisco may discover partners and cofounders in Europe, or vice versa, we believe that this is a powerful way to bring together success stories that are redefining our world and future.

Specifically, IdeasVoice is a great platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to:

  • gauge the interest for their entrepreneurial projects 24h/24h,
  • interact digitally with other talented people interested in entrepreneurship
  • build founding teams to lead successful projects.


Registering, showcasing your project or profile and contacting other members are FREE.

Let’s cause an impact together!


Register on our platform and tell us about your experience.

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