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NEW Fundraising Solution! IdeasFundX Launch

July 18, 2022

NEW: IDEASVOICE is launching IdeasFundX for fundraising $1M+

New IdeasFundX Launch logo

We are proud to announce the launch of our new fundraising solution, now live and located at:

A new tool to help both companies and investors in the fundraising process

The new tool IdeasFundX has been in the works for months. Finally, we are excited to share the new features which are tailored to help both companies and investors in the fundraising process. 

IdeasFundX offers companies the chance to multiply chances of successful fundraising of $1M+. Furthermore, it helps investors find the most suitable deals to fund.

By using a unique AI-driven tool, IdeasFundX promises to generate the perfect, tailored match. 

In today’s business environment, seed funding has increased significantly. However, many startups face obstacles when attempting to raise funding from investors.

What is the situation today?

Today, it is evident that a number of different tools and platforms are available for companies and investors. Nevertheless, our research shows that both parties are still facing certain obstacles.


79.4% of companies fail to go to the 2nd round of fundraising

.Pie chart depicting 79.4% of companies fail to go to second round of funding


Female founders made up only 2% of US venture capitalists in 2021.

Pie chart depicting 2% of US VCs were female in 2021


95% of deals reviewed by investors don’t pass the 2nd meeting with the VC.

Bar chart depicting how 95% of deals reviewed by investors don't pass the 2nd round meeting with VC


In light of this and in order to provide a solution and make a change, we decided to launch IdeasFundX.

Why is access to fundraising so difficult? What are the main problems that companies and investors are facing?

After conducting thorough research, it was evident that companies and investors have to handle many obstacles in the process of second round of funding.

For companies

As a company, you may fail to raise the 2nd round of funding due to:

  • Incomplete, unattractive pitch 
  • Not sufficiently demonstrating business potential
  • Difficulty contacting the right VC
  • Unaware of VC’s investment strategy 
  • Poor access to a network of VCs 
  • Not daring to go to the 2nd round of funding: too complicated and time consuming
  • Difficulty in standing out from competitors 


For investors and VCs

As an investor or VC, you may be facing issues such as:

  • Lots of noise: large amounts of information through emails, calls, etc. 
  • An inefficient screening process that misses out on suitable deals
  • Many portfolio investments aren’t profitable or have a low ROI 
  • Inbound deal volume is difficult to predict forcing VC firms to approach deal sourcing in a reactive and opportunistic manner
  • High competition between VCs


What sets IdeasFundX apart from the rest?

Although they cannot replace human relationships, technology and innovation are like multipliers that can make life easier.

In this case, we are convinced there are always opportunities to solve existing problems for a better world.

Therefore, we decided to launch IdeasFundX to target issues on both sides of the parties. Our goal is to bridge this gap by focusing on problems encountered at the qualification and screening processes.

The new IdeasFundX solution aims to help companies and investors overcome these obstacles. This is achieved thanks to:

  • An AI-driven tool for qualification process using a complete approach with 125 investment criteria, and 24 investment decision-making signals analysis
  • More preliminary checks. Thus, this allows companies to be better prepared and for VCs to recognize more easily the risk to invest at the deals reception
  • Tailored and rationalized methodology reducing information bias and asymmetry in the decision making process. Moreover, it offers a peer-to-peer process to preserve confidentiality and privacy


The IdeasFundX Process

Simply receive an Investment Opportunities newsletter, with presentation of general information for each current/opened deal.

  • Qualification of investors and companies
  • Matching process between companies and investors
  • Investors choose and begin the negotiation process