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Fête de l’entrepreneur – ESCP Europe, Paris, France

November 12, 2012

FDE 2012 – IDEASVOICE is partner of “La fete de l’entrepreneur ESCP” and rewards  3 Winners



Among the winners

IDEASVOICE rewards the winners Opus Red, Wiithaa and Grapsite at “la fête de l’entrepreneur – FDE 2012 – ESCP Europe”.  The price is a free membership to premium services. It helps them establish contacts on the site and find their partners.

Fete de l'entrepreneur - Opus Rouge

OPUS ROUGE BRINGS ITS EXPERTISE IN DECORATING TOWARDS COLOURS OF YOUR DESIRES and you discover – or rediscover – the joy of decorating. Opus Rouge created the first range of courses in interior design for all levels and all tastes.

Fete de l'entrepreneur - Wiithaa

WIITHAA is a design agency specializing in the circular economy. Taking its Inspiration from Nature, Wiithaa makes the economy more virtuous and circular.
“Thinking and doing in a systemic way, taking into account all interactions, will make us perceive waste as resource, will enable us to cooperate effectively, to optimize more than maximize, to prosper in adequation with the laws of the universe.”


2012 is the 4th édition of “la Fête de l’Entrepreneur”. The idea is to bring together all stakeholders in entrepreneurship: Young entrepreneurs, more “experienced” entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, journalists, business angels and jobseekers, who will help break the glass ceiling that many young people are struggling to take for starting a business. Our aim is to gather every one during an evening, to celebrate entrepreneurship and what brings us together . See the pitch on youtube.