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Ideasvoice now offers private communications consulting

March 7, 2019

With that spirit of success for all business ventures in mind, we are proud to unveil a new service available to our members: communications consulting.

IdeasVoice is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial initiatives. Using our connections through our social media network of founders, co-founders, and team members, we aim to provide startups and individuals with the tools necessary for the development and survival of the business.

We believe our members can thrive using the connections and tools we provide.

IdeasVoice is now helping you to better communicate about your product and startup 

One of the most difficult things about starting a business is succeeding in communicating your purpose to potential cofounders, investors and business partners.

With the right help, this problem can be eliminated, paving the way for quicker success in business ventures.

Our communications expert will work one-on-one with members to formulate the best communication plan for your business.

These sessions start at just $500.

With this service you will be able to:

  • Best communicate your vision to potential investors and/or stakeholders
  • Communicate in a direct way to eliminate any confusion about your company
  • Sharpen your communication skills with others in a business setting
  • Present your best company identity to the world


If you are interested in this opportunity, please email for details.