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Staff Pick IdeasVoice : Speak Mentorship, Empower Aspiring Girls

September 12, 2017

    Learn more about Speak Mentorship, founded by Hetal to provide self-development opportunities to girls who are immigrants and first-generation Americans, and say how much do you like Speak Mentorship. There are more self-development opportunities for girls who are immigrants and first-generation Americans thanks to SPEAK Mentorship. SPEAK Mentorship programs provides girls of immigrant and first-generation […]

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Staff Pick IdeasVoice: PuppyBYTE, Be Yourself Til Eternity

2017 Staff Pick : Puppybyte
September 11, 2017

      Learn more about PuppyBYTE founded by Corey and how they are helping artists to promote their talent.   PuppyBYTE is a platform where talented individuals can express their creativity with tools that enhance and promote their unique work. Their services range from press services and production videography efforts. Corey came up with […]

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IdeasVoice Staff Pick : projects we love

June 26, 2015

IDEASVOICE is launching Staff Pick to share with you a project we love each month. We believe ideas can change the world. Our community aims at providing you with your future partners, in order to boost projects that may change your life for the next few years. Projects posted on IdeasVoice come from very different […]

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How Startups Grow and Raise : challenge your cofounder

May 4, 2015

A team of cofounders is crucial. Once, you have met and found your co-founder, validate your co-founder! But how to challenge your cofounder? A good way is to find founder hacks in the Bay Area and Sillicon Valley… Sydney Lai is a thought leader in startup communities, with a goal to excel startup hubs. Sydney […]

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eCommerce tips in logistics for woman entrepreneure #1

September 26, 2014

eCommerce tips in logistics for woman entrepreneure who launches her small business : Take care of my body. My business at the ground floor for heavy handlings!   Are you thinking of launching an eCommerce business or buying an existing eShop? Are you starting your company at home? Is your office at the ground floor? Will you receive […]

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