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Identity Verification, a new IdeasVoice service

Identity Verification, a new IdeasVoice service
February 15, 2017

Why Identity verification? The Importance of Identity Verification: Ensuring users are who they say they are. For most, the subject of identity verification isn’t something that comes up in daily conversation. However, as we constantly hear about yet another high-profile data breach suffered by a major company, organization or celebrity, the time has come to […]

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Watson University: welcome to our first official partner in US!

Watson University and IdeasVoice partnership
January 24, 2017

Let’s make the launch easier for students entrepreneurs at Watson University!     We are pleased to announce that our first official partner in US entrepreneurial ecosystem in January 2017 is Watson University. It is a place reckoned for its community leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators & thinkers who are developing solutions to the world toughest challenges that face […]

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IdeasVoice launches its premium!

IdeasVoice launches its Premium
December 20, 2016

To ensure that every project owner is able to find the right cofounders/partners possessing complementary skills required to launch his/her startup project, and that every potential partner can review all projects that interests him/her, we are now upgrading IdeasVoice with our premium service. What will you get with our premium services? Premium service helps you […]

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IdeasVoice is now available in San Francisco

Welcome San Francisco
June 20, 2016

IdeasVoice : welcome to San Francisco      Initially launched in France, with more than 5000 entrepreneurs, IdeasVoice is now going global! We are very happy to announce that IdeasVoice, a platform for entrepreneurs and cofounders to connect & collaborate, is now available in San Francisco. Many start-ups and talented entrepreneurs are anticipated to register […]

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500 cofounders !

Celebrate our 500th active cofounder on IdeasVoice Showcase
December 9, 2015

500 cofounders ready to join a project on IdeasVoice     Yesterday we reach 500 cofounders, people who are actively looking for a project and over 4200 users.   THANK YOU!   Innovate TOGETHER!   Talented people join us for a better world and get on board on one of our +650 projects !   […]

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Welcome to Startups Corner Series !

October 1, 2015

Why Startups Corner ? How can we learn from experiences of other entrepreneurs?   Is it too challenging to find co-founders with same vision? Are you still suffering from getting right talent for your team? Is it always difficult to deal with conflicts with your co-founder and the team? Are you looking for experiences and […]

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CUPOFIDEASVOICE celebrates the spring – 26th March, 2015

CUPOFIDEASVOICE celebrates the spring on the 26th of March 2015
March 8, 2015

Entrepreneurs and future co-founders/business partners meet up for lunch on 26th March 2015 in Paris to celebrate the spring     Let’s boost your projects With spring arriving, we hope that many projects will bloom at the picnic for matchmaking between entrepreneurs and those wishing to join a startup ! CUP OF IDEASVOICE provides entrepreneurs with a unique […]

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Discover the last update of – 31st October 2014

November 3, 2014

On the 31st of October 2014, a major update is placed online of Discover the improvements we implement for you to make your life as entrepreneur easier in your search of startups, business partners and cofounders nearby as well as around the world. WHAT’S NEW ? 1. More information in the profile for better quality WHY […]

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#cupofideasvoice – Bitcoins – Entrepreneurs meet Cofounders – 1 Dec

October 23, 2014

Entrepreneurs and future co-founders/business partners meet up for lunch on the 1st December 2014 in Paris for projects using BITCOINS     BITCOINS : fad or opportunity for growth? On the 1st of December 2014, Special BITCOINS picnic for matchmaking between entrepreneurs and those wishing to join a startup ! In the wake of the opportunities of globalization, we […]

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Made in ESCP Europe – IDEASVOICE rewards 2 startups in 2013

June 11, 2013

Made in ESCP Europe – IDEASVOICE is partner of the 4th edition in 2013. IDEASVOICE rewards 2 projects LES EDITIONS MERVEILLEUSES and SMART PARK. They win a premium membership for 6 months plus a coaching in their search of future business partners and co-founders.     LES EDITIONS MERVEILLEUSES is a house of edition, which […]

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